Between the farm and your table

Organic · Pasture Fed · Regenerative

In a world where choices are myriad but connections have become severed, we work as a bridge between the farmer and the town in a transparent, ethical and convenient way.Feeding your family while supporting organic & regenerative farmers is what we do best. Our job as your local butcher is to be that one handshake between the farm and your dinner table.

The Pasture Box

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Green Butcher Pasture Mark

Organic, Natural British Pasture

We are a Certified Organic, 100% Pasture For Life and FSA approved butchery.

This means that the claims we make are audited and verified to be true.

For us and our customers, these things are a really big deal

Meet Nick Green. Nick started the Green Butcher inspired by the farmers he met. In 2019 he partnered with Horton House Farm and The Ethical Dairy, two pioneering farms that are redefining kindness, quality and ecological land stewardship. First in a rented van, then on an e-bike Nick has built a home for pasture-fed, organic meat & dairy. He continues to work as the link between your farmer and your plate in a transparent, ethical, convenient, and traditional way.