The Story So Far

A lot has changed since the industrialisation of food. Ingredients and provenance overtaken by commodities and convenience. The road to the origin of your supper made opaque and congested. 

Fortunately, the old way is still travelled. A well-trodden, quieter one from Farm to City remains open. Winding her determined way over meadowed hills and shaded oak-valleys. Kept open by the friendship of two craftsmen; the Farmer and the Butcher. 

At the Green Butcher our culture is built around this friendship. We nourish it, and the families we feed, by working directly with the best producers in the country. Organic & regenerative farmers who raise their animals entirely on diverse, natural pasture. 

When we travel the road from Farm to City you can trust that the food we bring home has been selected for flavour, for nutrition, for our natural environment. For the farmers and for the animals. For the soil below them and air above.

In a world where choices are myriad but connections severed we work as the link between your farmer and your plate in a transparent, ethical, convenient, and traditional way. 

Feeding your family while supporting these farms is what we do best.

A tradition nearly as old as the city herself, our job as your local butcher is to be one handshake between the farm and your table. 

    • Where We Started, Why We Started

      I have set up the The Green Butcher because I believe that there is an important and increasingly urgent job to be done.

      4 years ago, I was ready to leave my previous career in city finance. I went to study at agricultural college in the Cotswolds for a year. I traveled around meeting farmers and I got involved with the Pasture Fed Livestock Association. The work being done by these farmers and the quality of the food they are producing blew my mind. But it was largely going unrecognised and undervalued.

      In 2019, I partnered up with Horton House Farm and The Ethical Dairy. The brief was clear; get out there, tell their story and let people eat the produce. I started by renting a van and selling into London restaurants. Then online. Now we have our own butchery in Twickenham Green.

      But my job remains the same…… 

      To champion the virtues of pasture based organic farming. To build relationships with the very best British farmers. To find people who, just like me, place an importance on the provenance, ethics, flavour and nutritional value of the food they feed themselves and their families.

    • Green Butcher Pasture Mark

    • What does pasture fed mean?

      We are a Certified Organic, 100% Pasture For Life and FSA approved butchery.

      This means that the claims we make are audited and verified to be true.

      For us and our customers, these things are a really big deal.