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Barlocco Blue

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This is a moderately strong creamy blue cheese, slightly punchier than Fleet Valley Blue. It’s made from pasteurised milk, and is very finely veined, giving a smooth, consistent flavour throughout.

Barlocco Blue was introduced in early 2020 and it has changed slightly as our cheesemakers have perfected their approach. The photos in this listing show a well-veined early batch, as well as a young wedge of one of our later batches.  The main difference you'll notice is that our new batches have a nicely formed rind on them, and the blue veins will continue to develop as the cheese matures.

The name is based on Barlocco island, a small, rocky island just off the coast near our farm.

This cheese is made with pasteurised milk from our cow with calf organic dairy farm. Cheese is cut to order to maximise shelf life. This cheese has a best before date of three weeks after cutting.


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