Certified 100% Pasture Fed & Organic Meat & Dairy, Direct From Our Farms


At Horton House and The Ethical Dairy, things are done very differently to your average dairy farm. Cows are milked only once per day and the milk is 100% from organic pasture. Dairy calves born all stay with cows to suckle milk and graze naturally. These things are all a really big deal.

Jonny & Rachael Rider at Horton House, and David & Wilma Finlay at The Ethical Dairy maintain herds of dual purpose dairy cows. Breeds like Jersey, Red Poll and Montbelliarde all thrive in a pasture based system, producing rich, delicious milk and beef without the need for feeding grain or soya.

At the Green Butcher, we are setting out to value all varieties of beef from the farm, from 10 months to 10 years old.

Beef is hung for 4-8 weeks at The Green Butcher. Certified organic and 100% pasture fed for life.

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