Certified 100% Pasture Fed & Organic Meat & Dairy, Direct From Our Farms

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About Us

The Green Butcher is about making local people feel good about the food that they feed themselves and their families.

Our promise is as follows;

  • Local and convenient access to very high quality meat and dairy direct from certified 100% pasture fed and organic farms.
  • The absolute traceability and transparency of our very short and simple supply chain.
  • That our farmers are making a proven positive contribution to the issues and concerns that we all face around our natural environment, animal welfare and the nutritional value of the foods we eat. 
  • We will clearly demonstrate that our foods are produced from a far kinder, more gentle approach.
  • The assurance that foods do not contain grains, soya or (undesirable) levels of antibiotics.

My name is Nick Green and I live in Twickenham Green with my young family.

Holding a deep rooted curiosity about food produce and British farming, I took a postgraduate course in agriculture 3 years ago at the RAU in the Cotswolds. Developing relationships with farmers and particularly The Pasture Fed Livestock Association, I began to feel that there was an important job to be done and that I may have a useful role to play.

The Pasture Fed Livestock Association, and the “Pasture for Life” certification is a hugely positive and progressive community of farmers championing the virtues of low impact, low input, pasture based farming, producing meat and dairy 100% from pasture and working to the principles of regenerative agriculture.

At the time, with seemingly little or no commercial recognition for the provenance or quality of these foods, the purpose became quite clear; find a way to make these uniquely high quality foods easily accessible to people who seek them (or may even depend on them for dietary and health reasons). People who place an importance on knowing the true provenance and nutritional value of the food they feed themselves and their families.

The Green Butcher is therefore a showcase of the produce from our partner farmers; Horton House Farm in Wiltshire and The Ethical Dairy in Dumfries. These are farmers who are making a proven positive contribution to the issues and concerns that we all face around our natural environment.

Jonny and Rachael Rider at Horton House in Wiltshire and David and Wilma Finlay at The Ethical Dairy in Dumfries are maverick farmers working to pioneer a whole new approach to dairy farming. Keeping dairy calves with cows to suckle naturally while grazing organic pasture, milking cows just once a day, producing milk 100% from grass with no grains, cereals or soya fed, ever. Almost zero antibiotic usage…..all of this is a really big deal. 

At The Green Butcher, we are working to “close the loop” on these food ecosystems, value all outputs from our farmers and minimise waste.

For our customers, the proof will be in the eating. A few thousand local people have already tasted the very delicious meats cooked over the open wood fire under the name “Green & Grill” at numerous local events over the last 2 years, from rugby match days at Twickenham Brewery, fairs and festivals in Teddington, Twickenham, St Margarets and Richmond. 

Trading as Proper Food Collective Ltd for the last 12 months, we have received high profile endorsements for the unique quality of our produce. These include our good friends at OneOneFour in Teddington and central London institutions St John restaurant and The Marcus Wareing Group. We also supply into Farmdrop on a daily basis.